Hand -Built Hose: Chemical Hose (IS 7654 TYPE 1)

    Application :

    Mostly popular chemical transfer hose is suitable for mild and dilute chemicals, salt solutions ad dilute caustics. Rated excellent for handling more than 50 chemicals, can be used in pressure or gravity flow and ahs a safety factor of 1:4.

    Features :

    Light weight, strongly reinforced with synthetic yarn or fabric piles. Compounded with NR rubber tube and cover suitable for handling chemicals. Available for suction services also.

    -40c to +100 c

    SERP ref #Hose ID inchHose OD mm Mean OD mm Max. WP (Bar - PSI)Min. BP (Bar - PSI)
    M-CH-201 1/4"31.8045.208-11432-457
    M-CH-241 1/2"38.0051.408-11432-457
    M-CH-281 3/4""45.0058.008-11432-457
    M-CH-402 1/2"63.5076.808-11432-457

    Hand-Built Hose: Super Chemical Hose (Concentrated)


    Application :

    Chemical transfer hoses are available with a variety of synthetic polymers. These versatile hoses can handle 70% of all of today's chemicals. Acids, including aromatics, Aliphatic, Chlorinated Hydro Carbons (bases) and Solvents, Aldehydes and Ester.

    Features :

    Tube is black synthetic rubber specially compounded for handling concentrated chemicals and acids. Reinforced with synthetic yarn or synthetic cords or fabric plies for extra bursting pressure. These hoses have a minimum safety factor of 1:4. Available for suction service also.

    SERP ref #Hose ID inchHose OD mm Mean OD mm Max. WP (BAR-PSI) Min. BP (Bar - PSI)
    M-WS-DH-201 1/4"31.8045.2010-14240-571
    M-WS-DH-241 1/2"38.0051.5010-14240-571
    M-WS-DH-281 3/4"45.0060.0010-14240-571
    M-WS-DH-402 1/2"63.5077.0010-14240-571

    Hand-Built Hose: Steam Hose (High Tenacity Synthetic Yarn Braided)


    For general steam service up to 100 PSI at 180 c. Used especially in rail, road, yards, docks, refiners and chemical works. Recommended for hose where external abuse is high.

    Features :

    Sturdy heat resistant rubber is used for tube. Reinforced with synthetic yarn, these hoses have got a safety factor of 1:10. Specially compounded outer cover is highly abrasion and heat resistant resulting in longer life. Less wall gauge-less bulk-more flexibility are the special qualities of steam hose. For heavy duty continuous operation, EDPM tube and cover are recommended.

    SERP ref #Hose ID inchHose OD mm Mean OD mm Max.WP (Bar - PSI)Min. BP (Bar - PSI)
    M-SH-201 1/4"31.8043.507-10070-1000
    M-SH-241 1/2"38.0050.607-10070-1000


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